Therapeutic Massage

  In my opinion every type of bodywork is therapeutic.   That being said, there is no “set in stone'” definition of some types of therapy.  Some therapists will advertise that they offer a Sports Massage, but it also may be similar to what another therapist calls a Deep Tissue Massage and another therapist may label it a Therapeutic Massage.

   I’ve chosen to use the heading “Therapeutic  Massage” and I’d like to explain to you what I mean by that.  A lot of clients call or stop by and are in pain due to a sports injury, a fall, an accident or maybe some type of repetitive strain due to their line of work.  An even though a relaxing Swedish massage would have some benefit, you  need something more.  You may need deeper pressure in an area that’s contracted  ” that hurt so good feeling”  where the tissue needs to be compressed or stretched in order to get the relief  you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re very active and play sports or exercise regularly, and the tissue is used to being engaged at a deeper level.  In those instances you’d be looking for a deeper tissue massage. 

 Then on another occassion you’d be looking to destress and relax.  But in some areas, maybe like your shoulders or low back, there’s a tightness that needs deeper attention in order to let go.  But overall the body really just needs an overall overhaul in the way of a relaxing swedish massage in order to come back into equilibrium.

Then again you may be looking to release restrictions in the craniosacral system first, then feel more grounded by getting some reflexology, before we address the tension that the muscular system is holding.

In my opinion these are all therapeutic massages, the intention is to do what ever the body needs to allow the body the space to right itself.  So you don’t have to ask for anything specific, it’s all therapeutic.