Reflexology has been around for over 3000 years.  The earliest recordings are from the hieroglyphics found  in Egypt outside the tomb of an Egyptian Doctor. Showing how working on the feet and hands can bring about health and wellbeing.

   From there  the ancient art of reflexology has been used for centuries throughout the world, then in the 1930’s in the US a woman by the name of Eunice Ingham spent her life mapping the areas of the feet and hands. Doing meticulous research with her clients to make the correlations between stimulating the reflexes and how it affected the persons symptoms and disorders.

  The Reflexology maps that are used by the International Institute of Reflexology are the result of that research and are the most widely recognized in the field of reflexology. Her nephew Dwight Byers continues the work of his Aunt, at the Institute.  So when I was drawn to learn this type of bodywork, I decided that I needed to become certified through the International Institute of Reflexology.  There are different schools of thought for reflexology so once I became certified I sought out more information to enhance my practice.  I was drawn to the work of Father Josef who  has been doing reflexology in Taiwan for over 30 years. I also took workshops with Lillian Tibhraeny-Morten who is a Reflexologist and Accupuncturist  who teaches about the five elements and 12 meridians and how they correspond to reflexology. So the work I do with reflexology is a combination of those schools of thought.

   The biggest benefit I believe in getting reflexology is helping to ground yourself.  So many of us are consumed with whats going on in our minds , that we’re not really feeling  a sense of centerness or balance.  There are almost 10,000 nerve endings in the feet (don’t ask me who counted).  So the act of pulling down the energy and stimulating the nervous system in this way can have a powerful effect.  As a Reflexologist I don’t diagnosis, treat or prescribe.  What I do, is use a point pressure on the reflexes in the feet and/or hands to help the body come back into equilibrium.   If you’re curious at all about what reflexology is, come in for a session, I can either spend the time while I’m working on your feet educating you about what the feet are saying,  or you can just sit back, put your feet up and get the benefits.