Cathy Saladis LMT

  Cathy Saladis LMT  graduated from  the Center for Natural Wellness of Albany, New York in 2002, and is  licensed as a NYS  Massage Therapist, License # 015137.

She started her practice shortly after that under the name Head To Toe Massage Therapy, locating her business on Watervliet-Shaker Rd, Latham, NY which she owned and operated for nine years. During that time she continued to expand her practice getting certified in Reflexology through the International Institute of Reflexology, taking courses in Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, and studying Energy Medicine at the Healing the light Body School in Utah.  She continues to expand her knowledge and expertise in numerous other modalities of Lymphatic Drainage, Chakra balancing and Acupressure, to name a few.

   She has always had an unwavering interest in  the  mind/body connection, which had led her to study at  SUNY Albany where she received  a BA  in Psychology.   Being a Massage Therapist is a professional career for her, as well as a passionate endeavor to help clients to use there physical symptoms as a way to become more body aware. This has been  shown to not only help the physical discomfort of pain and tension to be alleviated, but also to go deeper and release the root cause that may be emotional, mental, energetic, and/or spiritual.  We are complicated, and no two people have the same experience or cause for  there symptoms, even if the symptoms seem identical.

 This holistic bodywork session, which taps into the mind, body and soul has a greater potential to bring about healing. The business name was changed in 2013 to “Head To Toe Body Works” to reflect her philosophy that “The body works from head to toe!”     She has currently moved her entire practice to one centrally located office at 23 Ruth Terrace, Albany, NY.  She has been in private practice for over 15 years.